Sunny Day Fitness Dorm

Download Sunny Day Fitness Dorm - Maxis only content (more pics below)

I've always wanted a chance to really explore some of the bigger game/sports items but never seem to have room on my lot and I hate wasting time to go down to a community lot. University is one giant time suck anyway, so my YA's might as well have some fun stuff to do. I don't do luxury dorms but this is still a pretty nice place with good environment scores and everything a uni sim would need to skill up, study, write term papers, sleep, and even woohoo. The basement (not pictured) is unfurnished and ready for aspiration rewards, badge training, hobbies, etc. There are even stairs to the roof which is large enough to hold the small ice or rollerskating rink.

The large open spot to the side of the dorm (between the orchard/garden and swimming pool is to fill with whatever extra stuff you personally find fun for your sims. Again, a small skating rink fits here, log rolling, axe throwing, campfires, bonfires, bubble blower, hot springs, spas, pretty much anything your sim might want to learn or experience while off at uni should fit in this spot. I left the green area open in the middle for the items that require placement on terrain.

Expansions required: all - Uni, NL, OFB, Pets, Seasons, BV, Freetime + Kitchen and Bath Stuff Pack (though I think only the stove and fridge are from that, I don't think your game would explode if you tried to install it without the Stuff pack).
Lot: 3x3
Price: N/A - Dorm
Bedrooms: 6 rooms, space for 10 sims, double rooms work best when inhabited by either 2 playables or 2 dormies.
Bathrooms: 1st and 2nd floors
Other amenities: basement, soccer field, basketball court, outdoor drink station, garden/orchard. More pics below, use the next image link to cycle through all the pictures.

A clone of this dorm was playtested for over a semester with every item tested to ensure functionality. If you don't want your sims to garden, just sell the orchard trees so they don't get sickly.
No custom content, no recolors, no hacks

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