Well, the story got weirder. The friends promptly left, one of them carrying the puppy with her. The puppy walked back onto the lot a short time later, only to be whisked away by animal control with his father. His mother, Nina, however, was at work and was not rescued.

I was able to save my game while the missing dog Nina was still at work and merge a new Sim into the household. She adopted the puppy Gardenia back from animal control, and kept Nina fed and happy until she gave birth. She shouldn't have bothered.

First, Gardenia grew up into what I thought was a fairly ugly dog. Beagles and poodley/schnauzerie/terrier type dogs don't mix well.

See, I only thought Gardenia was ugly before I saw Dogwood grow up

And its a damn good thing I had a normalish looking dog last. Lilac. Though I was still blind from the horror of the puppy that grew up before this one and could hardly force my eyelids open to look at it. Don't believe me? Well, here you go. The puppy who grew up after Dogwood, before Lilac - Magnolia. And don't say I didn't warn you...

The hideousness of this ... animal? beast? is almost too much to bear. Beware your breeding. Wtf is this thing? A cat? A dog? A jackaloupe? *shudder*

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